The brand-new ATMOS 7 UAV is the outcome of an engineering process that started in the year 2000 with Atmos-1 prototype. During all this time CATUAV have accumulated thousands of hours of commercial operation with Atmos series, with a continuous UAV engineering improvement that has converged to ATMOS 7 platform, the first ever CATUAV system available for purchase. This new model is offered in two versions: ATMOS 7 Light, with MTOW < 2 kg to facilitate BVLOS operations and ATMOS 7 Standard.



  ATMOS 7 ATMOS 7 Light
MTOW  2.6 kg  2 kg
Payload  600 g 400 g 
Endurance 80 minutes  80 minutes 
Range 75 km  60 km 
Wind Resistance up to 30 km/h   up to 20 km/h
Cruise Speed 55 km/h 45 km/h 
Maximum Speed 90 km/h 80 km/h
BVLOS Transponder needed   Yes
Dual Camera Option Yes No
Flight Modes Manual & Automatic (Pixhawk)  Manual & Automatic (Pixhawk)
Take-off Automatic hand-launch  Automatic hand-launch 
Landing Belly landing   Belly landing
Atmos-7-UAV-drone  Atmos-7-Light-UAV-drone 


Basic pack includes:

  • ATMOS 7 UAV system (Standard or Light)
  • 20 megapixels APS-C sensor RGB camera
  • Ground control station computer
  • Telemetry transmitter/receiver system
  • Manual control transmitter/receiver system
  • 3 batteries and battery charger
  • Spare parts kit
  • PELI transport case
  • 2 day training and certification course at BCN Drone Center
  • 3 day testing pass for BCN Drone Center UAV Test Site
  • User manual



Prices from 14.900 € + 21% VAT




Autonomous aerial mapping platform:

Powered with last generation 3DRobotics autopilot, the system is capable of autonomously operating, acquiring reliable aerial imagery at resolutions up to 1cm/pixel. Using the ground control station software, the user can easily set-up any desired mapping mission to cover the interest area with the required resolution and overlapping.


Multiple sensors options:

With its extended cargo capacity ATMOS 7 can carry up to 2 different cameras at the same time, including RGB, near-infrared, thermal and multispectral sensors, being able to carry more than one sensor at a time. Thanks to using a modular cargo bay the user can easily change between the different sensors modules in few minutes.

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Fully customizable UAV solution:

Taking advantage of open-source hardware and software the user can get access to the configuration and programming of the UAV to customize the system for any project requirements. This feature also allows us to implement any required system to the UAV, such as real-time video link, long range communications, additional hardware...

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