From 4th July of 2014 Spain has a provisional legislation that regulates the operation of commercial unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV). Main rules explained in the law are:

  • UAV with takeoff weight under 25 kg do not require airworthiness certificate. Systems over 25 kg are regulated using the same legislation as conventional manned airplanes.
  • Operation must be carried outside controlled airspace and at a maximum altitude of 400 food from ground level
  • Under 2 kg (CATUAV Atmos series): Maximum distance between UAV and pilot is the radio control link maximum range.
  • Between 2 kg and 25 kg (CATUAV Argos series): maximum distance between UAV and pilot cannot be larger than 500 meters and the pilot must have line of sight with it.
  • UAV cannot fly over urban zones and outdoor people meetings.
  • In emergency applications UAV can be operated without the previous points restrictions.
  • UAV system must meet the following criteria:
    • Have public liability insurance.
    • Have performed aeronautic studies and enough flight tests in order to guarantee his correct operation.
    • Have detailed technical documentation describing its characteristics and operation.
  • The pilot must meet the following criteria:
    • Have 18 years.
    • Have a medical certificate.
    • Have a microlight aircraft pilot license or a similar license emitted by a certified entity.
    • Have a certification for each UAV system.

The full law can be found in BOE from Saturday 5th of July 2014: Download >>